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Rail Data Management

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EVA+ harnesses the power of TELOC Event Recorder and Energy data to provide valuable insights into fleet activity, gathering data across all vehicles with the same level of detail as a juridical recorder.


Product Solutions

  • EVA+ Signal analytics - Displays raw TELOC data in graphical and tabular formats with configurable signals and time horizon.

  • ​EVA+ Event analytics - Analyzes events across multiple vehicles by location, driver vehicle type, etc. to identify patterns and trends and verify testing procedures.

  • ​EVA+ Notifications - Sends email or push notifications based on real-time signals and events.

  • ​EVA+ Data coverage - Alerts users to data transfer gaps for all vehicles connected to EVA+ Cloud.

  • ​EVA+ TELOC manager - Provides detailed troubleshooting information for each TELOC, including firmware and configuration version, service logs, etc.

  • ​EVA+ Fleet location - Generates real-time map of vehicles in operation, live events, customizable POIs, and geo-fencing.

  • ​EVA+ ETCS search - Performs advanced search of ETCS messages across multiple TELOC files, to quickly identify ETCS error messages and facilitate the vehicle homologation process.

  • ​EVA+ Fleet management - Detects vehicles not coupled in accordance with the unit diagram for more efficient mileage-based maintenance scheduling.

  • ​EVA+ Journey analytics - Superimposes speed curves from multiple vehicles along the same track so that deviations, driver errors, vehicle performance, and infrastructure issues and root causes can be analyzed.

  • ​EVA+ Driver performance analytics - Analyzes driver-related events and sequences (cab setup, over speed, signal passed at danger), driver health and vigilance indicators (reaction time and workload), and root causes.

  • ​EVA+ Energy portal - Collect, manage and analyze energy metering data in order to take energy saving decisions.

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