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Speed Sensing and Odometry

Hasler Rail Pulse Generator.jpg

Pulse Generators

Pulse generators converting an axle’s rotational motion into an electrical signal, which can be used to measure and record speed and distance, sense wheel slip and slide, and for different control and safety functions. Pulse generators are inherently safe, and are suitable for use in SIL4 systems. HaslerRail’s Optical Pulse Generator is also designed to withstand extreme thermal and mechanical stress.

Our pulse generators are built on an optical system that operates in the infrared range. It is possible to have two different frequencies per revolution and up to six electrically-isolated sensor. And, because they offer unparalleled accuracy and reliability, our pulse generators can be used in ETCS and other signalling applications.

Features / Benefits:

  • Data recording system with long-service history.

  • Easy to integrate.

  • Designed to withstand severe environments.

  • Unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

  • Suitable for SIL-certified functions.

  • Expert customer support team

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