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SZM is a world-leading manufacturer in
retrofitting switchgear,
specialising in 11 to 33kV switchgear
with over 300 retrofit solutions.

MV Retrofit Switchgear

SZM MV Retrofit Switchgear.png

MV Switchgear Retrofit

6 to 36kV Bulk Oil and SF6

Medium-voltage switchgear has a service life of 30 to 40 years. As it ages and needs more frequent servicing, maintenance costs increase to the point where replacement of the entire switchgear becomes unavoidable.


A much lower cost alternative to exchanging the whole switchgear is to replace the components that are subject to wear or pose a safety concern. This makes it possible to continue using existing intact switchgear with modern technology.


By exchanging components, both the investment costs and the time spent on planning and approval are lower than with a completely new system and provide a much safer alternative than the existing system and is a more cost-effective approach to replacing your complete switchgear, as you can perform upgrades without any significant downtime or production loss.

At MV Technology Solutions we understand that all medium-voltage retrofit projects are unique and provide specialized attention from start to finish. For more information on our medium voltage retrofit solutions, contact us to discover our vast number of proven solutions, that include solutions for;

  • ABB

  • AEG

  • ASEA


  • Concordia/Sprecher

  • F&G

  • GEC

  • Hitachi


  • Siemens

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