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Railway Electrification | Overhead Line Equipment (OLE)

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MV Air Insulated Disconnectors & Switches (AC) and Motor Operated Actuating Devices

25kV AC Indoor and Outdoor Air Insulated Switches and Disconnectors rated to 2000A with load-make and break capabilities, Flexible Design, 3 position switch and earth switch with. Manual or Motor operated versions.

The safest railway load break switch disconnector in the world.

Driescher Indoor DC Air Insulated Switch

Air Insulated Switches (DC)

Designed for railway applications, rated to 3kV DC, 4000A, 50kA and has the option of both single and double pole versions and we also have unique tunnel motor operated versions for safety. 



Arthur Flury Catenary Accessories.png

Catenary Accessories

World class catenary accessories including conical couplings, forked collar sockets, clamps, turnbuckles, insulators for messenger and contact wires, and full range of catenary suspension solutions to suit your overhead line equipment (OLE) requirements.




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Fault Circuit Indicators & Condition Monitoring

6.6kV to 132kV. Earth Fault Indicators, Short-Circuit and Earth Fault Indicators, Directional Short-Circuit and Directional Earth Fault Indicators and Short-Circuit and Directional Earth Fault Indicators Short-Circuit Indicators for Overhead lines. With smart units also available for network monitoring.



Insulator C.png

Line Insulators

11kV to 132kV long rod and post insulators. Silicon and composite materials, replacing traditional porcelain. This design can achieve greater mechanical strength with less weight and is self-cleaning.



Driescher Motor Operated Actuating Devic

Motor Operated Actuating Devices

Remote control of switches/disconnectors for both indoor and outdoor applications. AC/DC motor 24V– 230V. Compact/custom design. Compatible with all manufacturers’ equipment. Our range of motor operators is designed to enable remote control and monitoring of air insulated switches and disconnectors.

Arthur Flury Section Insulators.png

Neutral Sections and Phase Brakes

Neutral section and phase brakes separate different phase relations or different systems. High quality materials and replaceable insulator rods give a long lifespan with low LCC for speeds up to 200km/h with braking loads up to 120kN.


Surge Arresters

Surge arresters for medium voltage and high voltage systems, ·IEC line discharge, class 1- 4, Polymeric and porcelain constructions suitable for voltages from 3KV to 330KV using the latest ZnO technology.

Tension Balance Weights.png

Tension Balance Weights

Constant tension catenary system allowing for any movement due to expansion or contraction of the wire.

Horstmann Voltage Detectors 2.png

Voltage Detectors and Phase Comparators

HV digital voltmeter for accurate voltage measurement, Proving dead devices for indoor and outdoor use in accordance to IEC standards, Capacitive testers for VDC systems switchgear and Specific 25kV AC testers for railway applications.

Arthur Flury Section Insulators.png

Section Insulators

Section insulators provide electro-galvanic separation of overhead contact lines up to 3kV DC and up to 25kV AC with speeds up 250km/h. With high quality CuNiSi runners and GRP/PTFE insulators, leading to high braking loads and good SML strength.

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