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Voltage Detectors and Phase Comparators

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For railway overhead contact wires

  • IEC version – according to IEC 61243-1 category S

  • Pluggable system – minimal setup

  • Integrated self-test – greater safety

  • Light weight – easy handling and transportation

  • Indoor, outdoor and wet weather – one product for all applications

  • Length of 4.7 m – voltage detection from the ground

  • Adaptable to accommodate all existing hot sticks. 

The BO-A 2.0 is a voltage detector for medium voltage railway overhead contact wires. It is designed to detect the absence or presence of voltage during maintenance work for example. The voltage detector BO-A 2.0 is especially developed for 16.7 Hz networks. If the voltage detector BO-A 2.0 is used in network with a deviating frequency, a visual and audible signal is activated. In this case the network situation must be verified.
The BO-A 2.0 is designed according to IEC 61243-1 resp. VDE 0681-6, depending on the version. The voltage detector is a proven choice for railway applications globally.

Orion M1.jpg


Combined voltage detection and indication system

  • Designed according to IEC 61243-5 (VDE 0682-415)

  • Voltage detector

  • Phase comparator

  • Interface detector

  • Phase-sequence indicator

  • Harmonic voltage and current measurement

  • Phase angle measurement

  • LCD display

  • Measured data storage

  • Data transmission via USB interface

ORION 3.1 and ORION M1 are monitoring and indication devices for voltage detecting, phase monitoring and coupling part testing according to IEC 61243-5. They are used at LRM and HR interfaces in medium voltage switchgears.

The ORION M1 features a large LCD display with backlight. It allows easy reading of the measured values, e.g. current, phase angle and harmonic voltage measurements. The integrated USB interface is used to retrieve the stored data results for further evaluation.

Besides the information on the next maintenance test and the indication of the battery status, the ORION M1 device provides the user with an easy to use menu.

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