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MV Switchgear Components VCBs, Contactors, Switches & Disconnectors

Driescher Indoor DC Air Insulated Switch

Indoor (DC) Air Insulated Switches

Driescher, Germany

  • Rated voltage Un 1.5kV

  • Rated current Ine 1250A

  • Single Pole

  • Earth Switch Options

  • Motorised Options​

DC Disconnectors are used throughout the rail network. Our disconnector/isolaters are capable of both fault make and break, and we have a number of special configurations, and unique designs for tunnelling that commonly see our DC isolators used in rail electrification projects around the globe.


Indoor (AC) Air Insulated Disconnectors, Fuse Bases, Earthing Switches

Driescher, Germany

  • 12 kV, 24 kV, 36 kV and 38,5 kV

  • Rated currents Ir, 630 A, 1600 A, 2500 A, 4000 A and 6300 A


Our switch disconnectors combine the functions of a switch and a disconnector in one device. As such, they are used for breaking load currents and have a short circuit making capability.

Driescher Indoor AC Air Insulated Switch

Indoor (AC) Air Insulated Switches

Driescher, Germany

  • 6.6 to 36k, 1250A, 50kA

  • Breaks and makes on fault currents

  • Available with interlocked earth switch

  • Voltage indication system

  • Switches, Isolators, earth switches and combinations


Our switch disconnectors combine the functions of a switch and a disconnector in one device. As such, they are used for breaking load currents and have a short circuit making capability.

In combination with fuses, switch disconnectors can also be used to break short-circuit currents. The short-circuit current is interrupted by the fuses. Subsequently, the fuses trip the three poles of the switch disconnector, separating the faulty feeder from the power system.


Arc-Extinguishing Principle In switch disconnectors, the arc is not extinguished in a vacuum interrupter or SF6, but instead, operates according to the principle of a hard-gas switch.


Effectively, the arc splits off some gas from an insulating material which surrounds the arc closely. This gas quenches the arc promptly and effectively. As the material providing the gas cannot regenerate itself, the number of operating cycles is significantly lower than that of the vacuum interrupters.


Nevertheless, according to the hard-gas principle, switch disconnectors are the most frequently used item in many industries, as they have a good cost per performance relationship and give the customer a visual isolation point.

SION vacuum circuit breakers.jpg

SION Vacuum Circuit Breakers

Flexible use in industry and infrastructure

The extensive SION vacuum circuit breaker portfolio includes a wide variety of pole-center distances and widths across flats in the 7.2 - to 24-kV range, as well as a number of specifications from standard circuit breakers for fixed mounting to complete plug-in modules. Identical compact dimensions and connection dimensions across several voltage levels reduce planning costs and the number of switchgear panel versions. All SION vacuum circuit breakers are highly reliable, and available. They are maintenance-free for up to 10,000 operating cycles.

SION vacuum circuit breakers – your benefits:

  • Easy to install in air-insulated medium-voltage switchgears

  • High reliability

  • Compact design

  • Remote switching via remote control unit

  • Low planning costs

  • Maintenance-free design

  • Long service life​

3AH4 vacuum circuit breakers.jpg

3AH4 Vacuum Circuit Breakers

Vacuum circuit breakers for high switching sequences

Vacuum circuit breakers for high switching sequences. In the industrial field in particular, there are applications that require high to very high switching sequences. Switching in arc furnaces, for example, demands more than 100 switching sequences per day. This requires sturdy, powerful vacuum circuit breakers that can manage these tough demands – like the vacuum circuit breakers in Siemens 3AH4 series.

3AH4 vacuum circuit breakers, is a compact vacuum circuit breakers in the 3AH4 series are designed for up to 40.5 kV, and can handle up to 120,000 switching sequences. With minimal maintenance required – greasing the drives after 10,000 switching sequences and changing the vacuum tubes after 30,000 – these circuit breakers stay reliable throughout their entire service life, despite the tough mechanical demands they face. An extensive range of accessory options like remote access means the vacuum circuit breakers are flexible to use and operate.


3TM  vacuum contactors.jpg

3TM Vacuum Contactors

Ideal for high switching frequency

Compact, energy-efficient 3TM vacuum contactors are flexible to use and are suited for all relevant areas in medium-voltage power distribution, for rated voltages of 7.2 to 15 kV and rated operational currents up to 450 A. They ensure safe switching of operational currents and overload currents in categories AC-1 to AC-4 – even during voltage dips. From conveyor systems and elevators, pumping stations, transformer and transfer stations, reactive power compensation equipment, and industrial network distribution systems, to electric furnaces, data centers, wind power plants, and photovoltaic panels – vacuum contactors ensure end-to-end protection for your system operation.

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