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Data Acquisition and Recording | HaslerRail

In the event of an accident, data recording systems play a crucial role in determining the root cause. More recently, analyzing recorded data proactively has emerged as an effective means of preventing accidents. HaslerRail’s data recording system is suitable for both of these uses.

The HaslerRail TELOC® data recording system is built on a modular architecture that can be tailored to individual vehicles, projects, and environments, covering a full range of functions. Our engineers can configure the system to give you a high level of customization and freedom. In addition, because specific software is not required for each project, you can respond quickly when modifications or adjustments are needed.

Visualisation Solutions and Speed Indicators | HaslerRail

A railway vehicle’s human-machine interface (HMI), or display solution, is the driver’s main point of interaction with the vehicle. Therefore, it is crucial to safe, reliable operation.

HaslerRail offers a wide range of display solutions and speed indicators to meet a variety of rail vehicle requirements.

Our digital speed indicator is both simple and robust. Speed is displayed on an illuminated ring meter or digitally. Our moving coil speed indicator is also simple and robust. This highly configurable device comes in circular or square casings and in a range of sizes. Larger casings can incorporate two independent coils and up to four different-colored lamps. Finally, a small speed or distance indicator can be added.

Speed Sensing and Odometry | HaslerRail

Rail vehicles need robust and reliable speed measurement capabilities to ensure safe, reliable and seamless operation. HaslerRail can provide a complete portfolio of speed sensors and related products to meet a wide range of needs.


HaslerRail speed sensors have been found in all kinds of rail vehicles for more than a century. Today, we offer proven, reliable pulse generators, wave reflection sensors, and Hall effect sensors with long service histories.

Pulse generators convert the axle’s rotational motion into an electrical signal. These optical systems are designed to withstand extreme conditions, including high mechanical stress.

Energy Metering | HaslerRail

When it comes to energy efficiency, the rail industry needs standardized, interoperable energy metering, measurement, calculation, and data exchange tools. HaslerRail solutions help rolling stock builders, OEMs and integrators, and operators meet the new requirements in the EN 50463 standard.

The separation of rail infrastructure and operations has created new needs like cost allocation. In addition, rail industry stake holders must comply with EU regulations requiring them to collect train energy consumption data in real time and store it on a ground server, validate energy consumption and allocate energy costs, and install energy meters on all new and overhauled rolling stock operating on networks with Data Collection Systems (DCS).

Control, Protection and I/O | HaslerRail

This generic concept is implemented by the Train Control and Management System (TCMS) as follows: the control and diagnostics, is managed by Vehicle Control Units (VCUs), while sensing is done by Remotes Input/Output devices (RIOs). Sensing and Control are connected via the communication infrastructure providing the safe and secure flow of information.

MVB Based Communication | HaslerRail

Whether you are a rail car builder, OEM, or systems integrator, Sécheron Hasler Group offers a wide range of MVB (Multifunction Vehicle Bus) communication devices to meet your needs, drawing on extensive experience with MVB communications and standards.


The Multifunction Vehicle Bus (MVB) is a serial communication bus for railway vehicles. It is used to connect programmable devices to each other and can connect directly to simple sensors and actuators.

Train Backbone Communication - Gateways | HaslerRail

Whether you are a rail car builder, OEM, or systems integrator, Sécheron Hasler Group offers a wide range of train backbone communication devices in service on thousands of trains worldwide to meet your need for reliable, interoperable solutions.

The WTB gateway dynamically adapts WTB communication to the train’s changing physical environment and tunnels communication between different vehicles. These function are required by the IEC 61375 and UIC556/557 standards.

EVA+ Rail Data Management | HaslerRail

EVA+ harnesses the power of TELOC Event Recorder and Energy data to provide valuable insights into fleet activity, gathering data across all vehicles with the same level of detail as a juridical recorder.

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