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Ripple Control | Audio Frequency Injection Control Equipment

Ripple Control Transmitter.jpg

Transmitter SRS - Ripple Control

Expandable and modular construction

The Swistec Ripple Control Transmitter SRS is especially optimized for ripple-control tasks:

  • Suitable for all types of coupling (parallel or series)

  • Control unit and transmitter form a single unit

  • Control, operation and supervision take place via a TCP/IP-connection

  • The SRS transmitter can be synchronized with other transmitters

  • To obtain the best possible reliability, redundant operation of two transmitters is possible, with automatic change-over in the event of a fault

  • The SRS transmitter uses modular construction and has the following characteristics:

  • Output powers from 4kVA up to 400kVA

  • Future proof modular technology

  • Customer specific construction

Swistec Ripple Coupling Cells.png

Coupling Cells - Ripple Control

Suitable for all ripple applications

  • Flexible and Modern Parallel / Rigid coupling cells​

  • Loose parallel coupling Type KT

  • Loose parallel coupling Type KI

  • Serial injection transformer (SET)

  • CT injection circuit

prefabricated ripple control plant_edited.jpg

Prefabricated Ripple Control Plant

Expandable and modular construction

Custom built, specialised prefabricated ripple control plant, that can either be used as a portable standby plant or used for fixed installation. This prefabricated plant is designed mounted in a transportable shipping container style building and built to be functional, durable and low in maintenance.


Built as a turnkey solution to meet with local AS/NZA Standards and Codes

Ripple Control Receivers.jpg

Swistec Ripple Control Receivers

State of the art technology

All Swistec ripple control receivers use state-of-the-art, recently developed filter algorithms capable of reliably processing ripple control signals with operating voltages below 0.3% Un – a result of state-of-the-art processor technology combining high CPU power with little power consumption.

With a big variety of pluggable relays for multiple applications, the SR range of ripple control relays is certain to meet any application needs.

  • SRvario 

  • SRvario+ 

  • SRdred

  • SRcompact

  • SReeg

  • SRLux

Ripple Control - RKS Controller.jpg

Controllers RKS System - Ripple Control

Open System Architecture

The RKS system can be adapted to any possible customer requirements. It can be configured either as a centralised system, with a stand-alone controller or as a decentralised system, with a central controller controlling a number of local controllers. In addition, combinations of these configurations are also possible.
The following figures explain these configurations in detail.

It should be noted that when changing from one configuration to the other, no hardware changes are required: simply an upgrade to the firmware in the controllers is necessary.

Ripple Control - Swistec SR Chech_edited

SRcheck Ripple Control Measurement Equipment

Measurement Equipment for various applications

The SRcheck is a modern Ripple Control receiver in small size. It can be placed anywhere in the distribution network and registers all received commands and its voltage levels. There are 3 potential free, programmable outputs. Depending on requirements, the received telegram pulse or a DECABIT 3 second signal are available.

Ripple Control - Measurement equipment.j

SPM3 Ripple Control Measurement Equipment

Measurement equipment

  • AF voltages up to 20 V

  • Audio frequency range 50 Hz … 2 kHz

  • Choice of 3 bandwidths

  • Continuous measurements

  • Pulse measurements

  • Operating voltage 100 … 264 V

  • USB interface


The selective pulse level meter SPM3 has especially been designed for the fast and precise measurement of audio frequency voltages on mains voltage level. Thanks to its convenient features, it is particularly appropriate for field service by electric utilities.

The measuring range for AF voltages is from 0 V to 20 V. A new center frequency can easily be selected in 1/10 Hz increments via the numerical keys, up to a maximum of 2 kHz. Three fixed, specified filter bandwidths of 1.7%, 3.7% and 6.0% can be selected by the single push of a button.


Swistra - Ripple Control of the 21st Century

Ripple Control of the 21st Century

What is Swistra?

  • Completely new developed transmission method.

  • Revolution for an existing Ripple Control system.

  • Backward compatible with known Ripple Control telegrams.

  • Higher data rate than other bit patterns.

  • Shorter telegram runtimes than other bit patterns

  • Very large address space.

  • Can address each recipient on its serial number individually.

With Swistra loads and generators can be controlled with a customizable group address structure, for example according to minisubs. Moreover each Swistra receiver can be controlled individually. The group assignment can be reprogrammed with a dedicated Swistra command via a Ripple Control transmission:

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