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Line Insulators and Line Surge Arresters

Siemens EGLA Externally Gapped Line Arrester.png

Externally Gapped Line Arrester (EGLA)

132 to 500kV Insulated from the high-voltage line by series gap

Siemens Energy's EGLA line surge arresters incorporate an external spark gap arranged in series to provide galvanic isolation between the active section of the surge arrester and the line voltage during normal operational conditions.

During a lightning event, the spark gap activates, allowing the arrester to limit the ground fault current from several kiloamperes down to just a few amperes.


This rapid response extinguishes any arcs within 10 milliseconds, eliminating the need for circuit breaker operations at both ends of the line, effectively preventing reclosing operations.

Siemens Non-Gapped Line Arrester (NGLA).png

Non-Gapped Line Arrester (NGLA) 

132 to 500kV Direct Connection to Overhead Line

Siemens Energy's Non-gapped line surge arresters (NGLA) provide exceptional mounting versatility and operational reliability. Depending on the tower's configuration and the positioning of insulators and power lines, these arresters can be directly affixed to either the insulators or the tower structure. NGLAs effectively limit overvoltages to levels well below the withstand voltage of insulators.

Insulator B.png

Live Line Insulators

Upto 500kV

We have an extensive range of Insulators to suit most applications. Our range includes Silicon Composite insulators in common distribution and transmission voltages.

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