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MV Remote Monitoring

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iHost Remote Monitoring Technology for Utilities

iHost Remote Monitoring

iHost enables remote condition monitoring. It can be used to collect, distribute and store data from remote devices installed on a power distribution network.

iHost provides a single platform to efficiently manage the increasing number of remote devices installed throughout the power network.

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Overhead Distribution Power Lines Monitoring and Optimisation

Smart Navigator 2.0

The Smart Navigator 2.0 is an overhead faulted circuit indicator designed for smart grid automation applications. Installed on overhead transmission and distribution power lines it provides situational awareness along distribution feeders enabling distribution utilities to operate and respond based on ever changing conditions.

The system provides utilities with high quality data throughout their distribution networks, allowing them to improve performance, reliability and efficiency.

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NX12 and NX21 | Battery Powered RTU

Optional Self powered with built in GPRS communications

Provides a quick and easy method to remotely monitor any equipment. Completely self powered, there is no need for any auxiliary power. Wire the NX unit to your plant and it is immediately visible on iHost complete with email and SMS alerts, and historical event logs.

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