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MVB Based Communication

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Multifunction Vehicle Bus (MVB) Communication Devices

Whether you are a rail car builder, OEM, or systems integrator, Sécheron Hasler Group offers a wide range of MVB (Multifunction Vehicle Bus) communication devices to meet your needs, drawing on extensive experience with MVB communications and standards.


The Multifunction Vehicle Bus (MVB) is a serial communication bus for railway vehicles. It is used to connect programmable devices to each other and can connect directly to simple sensors and actuators.


Sécheron Hasler Group is involved in the IEC Train Communication Network (TCN) standards group and has a long history providing TCN products. The company’s RiCO001 MVB board, for example, is flexible and easy to use, making it idea for OEMs who want to deliver their own products with MVB connectivity. RiCO001 covers communication Class 1 to Class 4 (bus administrator).


The RiCO-GW series of small protocol converters enable MVB devices to communicate with devices and systems on other protocols, like Ethernet. In some cases, the converters can also connect directly to a limited number of physical interfaces.


The MMR400 MVB is an MVB repeater that offers a simple and flexible means of extending IEC61375 MVB EMD segments beyond their limited segment length by regenerating the signal on the bus.

Our Product Range:

  • MVB Boards

  • MVB Bus Extenders

  • MVB-to-X Protocol Converters

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