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Energy Distribution Equipment

Hauff Technik Cable Entry.jpg

Cable Seals & Entry Systems

Our cable seals & entry systems can provide the right production solution for every requirement. Our cable entries, which are manufactured by our supply partner Hauff-Technik to the highest possible quality standards, impress by delivering maximum flexibility in planning and execution and are incredibly user-friendly and can be relied upon for effective sealing.

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Fault Circuit Indicators & Condition Monitoring

6.6kV to 132kV. Earth Fault Indicators, Short-Circuit and Earth Fault Indicators, Directional Short-Circuit and Directional Earth Fault Indicators and Short-Circuit and Directional Earth Fault Indicators Short-Circuit Indicators for Overhead lines. With smart units also available for network monitoring.

Insulator C.png

Line Insulators

11kV to 132kV long rod and post insulators. Silicon and composite materials, replacing traditional porcelain. This design can achieve greater mechanical strength with less weight and is self-cleaning.

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Low Voltage Network Monitoring

With the increasing pressures on the LV Network, it is essential to have real time network visibility; the EWS DTVl-g supplies this complete visibility, at a low cost. The EWS DTVI is capable of fully monitoring up to 6 or 8 feeders and communicate over Ethernet or 3G & 4G networks. Self-powered by one of the monitored phases, this device has internal back-up to signal power failure on loss of supply.

AS SwitchPicture1.jpg

MV Air Insulated Disconnectors & Switches (AC / DC) and Motor Operated Actuating Devices

11 to 33kV Indoor and Outdoor Air Insulated Switches and Disconnectors. Rated for 11KV to 33KV  with currents up to 6000A or 2000A with load-make and break capabilities if fitted with a vacuum interrupters as shown in the image.

Horstmann Smart Grid.png

MV Remote Monitoring

iHost Remote Monitoring Technology for Utilities.

Overhead Distribution Power Lines Monitoring and Optimisation. Smart Navigator 2.0

NX12 and NX21 | Battery Powered RTU. Optional Self powered with built in GPRS communications.

Siemens MV Components Sion.png

MV Switchgear Components VCBs, Contactors, Switches and Disconnectors

6.6kV to 33kV Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breakers and Contactors. Fixed or withdrawable Flexible retrofit solutions of existing switchgear. High switching capabilities and a high number of operations up to 36kV, 63kA, 6300A, VCB 120,000 operations/contactors 3Mil, Maintenance free designs.

SZM MV Retrofit Switchgear.png

MV Switchgear Retrofit Solutions

Retrofit Vacuum Circuit Breaker design and manufacture with their latest “roll out” - “roll in” circuit breakers which can replace the old life expired oil circuit breakers or SF6 circuit breakers with minimum system down time.

PF Solvent Socomore.png

PF Solvent | Electrical Cleaning Solvent

High flash point, residue free power cable and electrical cleaning solvent approved to 440kV. It is the approved solvent cleaner for the Power & Telecoms industries involved in the installation of electrical and telecommunications networks, cleaning, maintenance and repairs of cables, tools and network equipment.

Reactor 3.png

Power Reactors

Current Limiting Reactors, Neutral Grounding Reactors, Shunt Reactors, Harmonic Filter Reactors, Motor Starting Reactors, Electric Arc Furnace Reactors, Smoothing Reactors, Line and Loads Reactors, Test Laboratory Reactors.

Neutral Earthing Resistors.JPG

Power Resistors and NERs

Neutral Earthing Resistors, High Resistance Grounding Systems, Dynamic Braking Resistors, Motor Control Resistors, Anti-Condensation Space Panel Heaters, Harmonic Filter Resistors, Current Limiting Resistors, RC Filters.

Ripple Control coupling cells.jpg

Ripple Control | Audio Frequency Injection Control Equipment

Cost effective load management control and controllers for all existing protocols including new Swistra. Transmitters, Coupling cells - rigid and loose, Universal receivers for all existing protocols and special AS4755 solutions.


Surge Arresters

Surge arresters for medium voltage and high voltage systems, ·IEC line discharge, class 1- 4, Polymeric and porcelain constructions suitable for voltages from 3KV to 330KV using the latest ZnO technology.

Horstmann WEGA Retrofit.png

Voltage Detection Systems

Designed according to IEC 61243-5 (VDE 0682-415), no maintenance test required, maintenance-free Illuminated LCD display for continuous operation, integrated self test function and optional remote indication possibilities.

Horstmann Voltage Detectors 2.png

Voltage Detectors and Phase Comparators

HV digital voltmeter for accurate voltage measurement, Proving dead devices for indoor and outdoor use in accordance to IEC standards, Capacitive testers for VDC systems switchgear and Specific 25kV AC testers for railway applications.

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