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Power Reactors

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MV Power Reactors

Power flow control in transmission and distribution networks

  • Reactive power compensation

  • Limitation of fault currents in networks

  • Voltages up to 765KV

  • Special applications system stability

Reactors are applied in a variety of different ways within the transmission and distribution systems. They provide various application related benefits, such as enhancing network reliability, safety, extending equipment life by reducing stresses, increasing network capacity, and reducing losses in the line.


Applications include:

  • Current limiting

  • Power flow control

  • Capacitor switching

  • Harmonic filtering

  • Reactive power compensation

  • HV DC smoothing

Current limiting and power flow control reactors are connected in series with the line or feeder. Typical areas of use are in fault current reduction, load balancing in parallel circuits, limiting in rush currents of capacitor banks, etc.


Current limiting reactors reduce the short circuit current to levels within the rating of the equipment on the load side of the reactor. Applications range from simple distribution feeder reactors to large bus tie and load balancing reactors on systems rated up to 765KV.


Our portfolio also includes:

  • Current Limiting Reactors

  • Neutral Grounding Reactors

  • Shunt Reactors

  • Harmonic Filter Reactors

  • Motor Starting Reactors

  • Electric Arc Furnace Reactors

  • Smoothing Reactors

  • Line and Loads Reactors

  • Test Laboratory Reactors

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