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We are determined to give each

neighborhood grid intelligence it needs.

So, we can achieve reliable and

Zero Emission Neighborhoods

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Low Voltage Network Monitoring and Optimisation

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LV Monitoring & DeepGrid® by

LV Substation & Transformer Monitoring

The real time monitoring and optimisation of the LV Network, of its condition and operation, to get the most out of it while being able to use it with great flexibility, will be critical for the effective roll-out of Electrical Vehicles, Renewables and other Distributed Energy Resources, to improve Security of Supply and QoS, and to increase Energy Efficiency. DeepGrid® by uniquely allows this optimisation to be done in an efficient and effective way, while having automatic data analysis and recommendations.

Eneida provide LV substation monitoring solutions, renowned for being exceptionally reliable, with low total cost of deployment through live and quick installation. The hardware is fitted to the feeders of an LV substation providing continuous remote monitoring and analysis of the substation. Primarily used for LV Monitoring and Distribution Transformer Monitoring (DTM);

  • Measures up to 18 Currents and 3 Voltages;

  • Processing & Memory Capacity (1 year);

  • Self-powered and with energy backup;

  • GPRS and Bluetooth communication;

  • Firmware remotely updated;

  • Robust, IP65, and very compact;

  • Very easy, "live", rapid installation.

DeepGrid® by provides visibility and allows users to analyse their Low Voltage Network condition per line or per feeder. The DeepGrid® software, is an Operational Analytics platform for the visibility and optimisation of the Low Voltage network.

For example:

  • Current, voltage and frequency (min, max, rms);

  • Direction of energy flow;

  • Power factor;

  • Total Harmonic Distortion;

  • Power (inst., active, reactive, apparent);

  • Energy (active, reactive, consumed);

  • Real-time data;

  • Follow time evolution of the physical variables;

  • Graphical components with several interaction features to help analyse data and extract the most of it.

Various installation applications available for LV monitoring, including Pole-top Transformer Monitoring and Kiosk Distribution Substation Monitoring.

Enabling Distribution utilities to anticipate Power Constraints and manage;

  • Network Power Quality

    • For the Quality of Energy​

  • Energy Balance

    • For Network Protection​

  • Capacity Optimisation

    • For Asset Management​​

  • Faults Detection & Location

    • For Supply Restoration

  • Feeder Mapping

    • For Smart Metering

  • EVs, Solar PVs Integration

    • For Management & Planning

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Eneida Link Box Monitoring

Condition monitoring of underground Link boxes

A cable earthing connection box (Link Box) is a critical part of HC underground cable systems.

Link box failures are difficult to predict as there is no active monitoring on this type of plant equipment. Remotely monitoring high risk link boxes removes unnecessary expenditure on high frequency inspections. This leads to OPEX savings.

The Eneida LinkAlert enables you to monitor average and peak temperatures, and even set violation alarm points.

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