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Train Backbone Communication - Gateways


WTB Gateways

Whether you are a rail car builder, OEM, or systems integrator, Sécheron Hasler Group offers a wide range of train backbone communication devices in service on thousands of trains worldwide to meet your need for reliable, interoperable solutions.

The WTB gateway dynamically adapts WTB communication to the train’s changing physical environment and tunnels communication between different vehicles. These functions are required by the IEC 61375 and UIC556/557 standards.


The Sécheron Hasler Group IGW-450 family of products was developed to connect and ensure interoperability between multiple buses (WTB, MVB, CANOpen, Ethernet).

A PC-based SW configuration tool can be used to create the database needed to configure the IGW to operate on TCN networks. The IGW-450 supports the recommended TCN features including physical-layer or line redundancy and device redundancy with two notes per vehicle. It also implements UIC mapping.

Our Product Range

  • WTB-MVB Gateways

  • WTB-ETH Gateways

  • WTB-CAN Gateways

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