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Another great installation of our equipment by the team at Essential Energy, who upgraded there 22kV Ripple Control Plant at Bourke in the far north-west of New South Wales on the south bank of the Darling River. This will ensure reliable control of peak load for many more years to come.

The principal contractor for the Southwest Metro area is Laing O'rourke and John Holland while Quickway has been engaged to deliver the power enabling works project which involves the below.

  • Excavation of trenches and installation of conduits to hold new cables

  • Backfilling trenches and resurfacing the areas

  • Joint bay construction and installation works

  • Cabling works, customer kiosks

Quickway are currently in the process of installing mechanical press seals to seal their 200mm HV conduits in the jointing bays with the main issue at hand been water ingress. Contractors on site informed us they were instructed to initially use a chemical seal but the feedback given was that this was a very messy and time consuming install. It also failed to adequately seal the area between the cable and the conduit. (A temporary but not permanent solution). By using Hauff Technik seals there is a cost saving in labour.

Hauff-Technik mechanical press seals were specified in to meet the requirements of the project. With the ability to install the seals after cables had been run and the versatility to seal different sized cables & conduits Hauff-Technik’s HSD seals were chosen. With the seal been able to withstand water pressure of 2.5bar it was a perfect fit for the issue at hand.

Quickway found installation to be extremely quick and straight forward. If these pits need to be accessed in the future there will be zero maintenance involved, and by Quickway taking initiative to come up with an effective sealing solution there will be massive cost savings for the project.

Sydney Metro Case Study (Hauff Technik)
Download PDF • 2.95MB

Updated: May 24

The new Wega series from Horstmann permanently carries out checks for your safety and reliably determines the voltage state in accordance with IEC 62271-213 in medium-voltage switchgear. The new tool-free assembly reduces installation times, allowing further cost benefits to be made.

The new tool-free assembly (and disassembly) reduces installation time and thus enables further cost advantages. The extended temperature range from -40 °C to +75 °C facilitates worldwide use.

A four-pole system plug and 4.8 mm plug are now available as standard for the WEGA input connections – this means that it can be used in all medium-voltage switchgear. The tried-and-tested four-pin system plug and connector is still used for the WEGA output. The connecting cable for coupling to the short-circuit direction indicators is also protected against polarity reversal and user-friendly.

One device for all applications

The new Wega 1 V contains up to 15 adjustable capacitor values, which can be set very easily and quickly phase-selectively by means of integrated rotary coding switches. This guarantees that the right device is always at hand – the wide-range Wega vario.

The Wega 2 V enhances the new Wega series, combining the vario function with relay outputs for remote signalling that has not been available up to now.

Overview of the features:

  • Complies with the new valid IEC 62271-213 and also the previous IEC 61243-5

  • Wide range Wega (e.g. 10 – 20 / 24 kV): Rotary coding switches for various voltage levels and quick and easy commissioning

  • Now with many more potential applications, thanks to the extended temperature range from -40 °C to +75 °C

  • Integrated repeat test: maintenance free

  • Overvoltage indication in the display: phase-selective

  • Retrofit ready:

  • Coupling Compass B series and Sigma D series

  • Front-mounted LRM interface:

  • completely IEC 662271-213 compliant

If you are interested or have any questions about our products, reach out top friendly technical support team for more information.

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