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Working only with leading global supply partners

MV Technology Solutions bring the worlds highest quality products, innovation and

knowledge to our customers locally

Our Partners

MV Technology Solutions carefully and selectively partner with proven innovators who invest in ongoing research and development programs and have a like-minded approach to providing exceptional customer service.

This ensures that our products are always designed and manufactured to meet our customers ever changing needs and requirements, and we can ensure that there is a support structure in place for the lifecycle of our equipment.

Our supply partners offer a range of innovative products and systems. They are heavily tested to quality standards and therefore reliably meet the highest levels of performance expected by our customers. We select and customise products and systems to deliver the best possible solution.

Arthury Flury AG.jpg

Arthur Flury AG

Deitingen, Switzerland

Arthur Flury AG are industry leaders in the manufacturing of quality products for modern overhead contact line construction. They specialise in components for overhead contact lines, earthing, lightning protection for buildings, and coupling material for power lines and cables.

Dreischer Logo.JPG

Driescher Moosburg

Moosburg, Germany

DRIESCHER is a family-run, globally operating company that is one of the leading suppliers of medium voltage Air insulated switchgear and switching devices for AC and DC ranging from 0.4 kV to 38.5 kV/52 kV 

Coimbra, Portugal

Eneida is an innovative company that utilises data science, smart sensor design, and LV grid competencies, to optimise the Low Voltage network. Through their optimised DeepGrid® platform, they offer greater visibility and finer control over the local grid.

HaslerRail Logo.GIF


Bern, Switzerland

HaslerRail AG is committed to developing and producing high quality products and solutions for their railway industry customers. They are market leaders and suppliers of safety-relevant on-board electronics, sensors, software and data management solutions.


Their product offering includes ETCS, TMS, Energy Metering, Data Recording and Safety Applications, and Data Management.

Hauff Technic.jpg

Hauff-Technik GmbH

Hermaringen, Germany

Hauff-Technik GmbH is one Europe's leading manufacturers of sealing systems for cables, pipes and building entries. Their products protect buildings from penetrating water, gas, fire, dirt and vermin.

Hauff-Technik's solutions guarantee absolute leak tightness, economic efficiency, user friendliness and durability in all kinds of construction work.

Hilkar Logo.JPG


Istanbul, Turkey

Hilkar is one of the world's largest suppliers of power resistors, reactors and testing systems.  They have the unique advantage of being able to design and manufacture customer-specific products in a very short time frame.


Beyond this, Hilkar combines extensive research and development with high quality systems in both manufacturing and design processes, to ensure all of their products are of the highest standard.

Horstmann Logo.GIF

Horstmann GmbH

Heiligenhaus, Germany

Horstmann GmbH is globally recognised as one of the leading manufacturers in Medium Voltage Technology for Short-circuit and earth-fault indicators, Voltage testers and voltage detection systems, and Earthing devices and accessories.


Their in-house research and development department and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, ensure that all of their products are able to meet the highest of quality demands.

Socomore Logo.JPG


Cork, Ireland

Socomore is an industry-leading European manufacturer, that specializes in solvent cleaning solutions for the power industry. Their products assist companies in reducing their accident count and environmental footprint without cost increases or operational setbacks. 


Their products are environmentally friendly and assure health & safety compliance.

Swistec Logo.JPG

Swistec AG

Fehraltorf, Switzerland

Swistec Systems AG are global leaders in ripple control solutions. Their wide range of products and services encompasses everything from compact systems to complex ripple-control systems with more than one hundred transmitters and several work stations.


Swistec's ripple control solutions have developed a reputation of uncompromising reliability, precision, authenticity, compatibility, and safety.

Siemens AG

Munich, Germany

Siemens Energy offer a wide range of products including excellent quality, high and medium voltage surge arresters for the protection of valuable assets.

SZM GmbH Logo.png


Bad Muskau, Germany

SZM GmbH offer high quality and extremely reliable MV Retrofit circuit breaker solutions.

Nortech Logo.JPG


Pershore, United Kingdom

Nortech are leading suppliers of specialist monitoring technology products and services to utilities, generators and system integrators. Their products and central software solutions enable customers to extend the reach of their data collection systems and improve the performance of their assets.​

They utilise the latest wireless communications technology including GPRS and GSM mobile phone networks, GPS satellite tracking and internet web-pages to provide real-time displays of what's happening on site.

Sakaphen Logo.png

Gladbeck, Germany

Säkaphen are globally respected experts in the development and production of coating materials and application solutions for heavy-duty corrosion protection. They constantly respond to the changing nature of their field, with continuous development of high-end coating materials and new methods of application. 

Their products allow their customers to operate their facilities economically and with efficient use of resources.

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