RMA HaslerRail Equipment via MV Technology Solutions (GOLD PARTNER)

Please read our RMA Policy document carefully - in order to ensure a smooth procedure. You are kindly requested to adhere to the procedures described therein. 

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Policy

For each item to be returned, a form has to be filled in using our website www.mvtech.com.au. The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. Please make sure to mark the RMA number on the returned goods as well as on the shipping papers since this number serves as a reference number for MV Technology Solutions and the customer during the entire repair procedure.

For goods returned to MV Technology Solutions without an RMA number, we will charge an additional handling fee of A$ 200.00 due to the additional administrative workload associated with allocating the correct RMA number. Please, note that goods received without following the RMA process or the necessary information for the proper handling call for a longer processing time for starting the repair process.


Please make sure to describe the fault or problem as precisely as possible. Any warranty claims are verified as soon as the items are analysed by MV Technology Solutions. By returning the item(s) to MV Technology Solutions, the customer expresses his consent that the repair will be made completely (upon special request, the item is only analysed). Then, a quotation is established (quotation validity is 30 days). Once this deadline is expired, MV Technology Solutions is entitled to charge storage fees of $50 per week or part thereof.


In the case that material is sent to MV Technology Solutions and, after the corresponding analysis, no fault is found, MV Technology Solutions will provide a quotation for covering the technical and administrative labour applied for evaluating the device. Applicable charges are as follows:


Product Fee (AUD)

  • TELOC - $750

  • PG - $700

  • SPEEDO - $640

MV Technology Solutions will be charging a fee of A$180 in the case that the manufacturer advises that the item is not repairable to cover the costs associated with the administrative and investigation process applied to this repair.

HaslerRail Switzerland warrants its products against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship starting from their date of shipping from HaslerRail's manufacturing facilities for a period of 24 months unless a different agreement is applicable to the repair under discussion. HaslerRail will be meeting the terms and conditions related to the warranty for the goods sent for repair under the Hasler Rail RMA process. In the case that there is clear evidence that an item covered by the warranty has not been properly handled or there are signs of bad manipulation, HaslerRail will be applying the corresponding charges




  1. Products found to be defective after the warranty period has expired.

  2. Products subjected to misuse or abuse, whether by accident or other causes. Such product conditions will be determined by HaslerRail at its sole and unfettered discretion.

  3. Products damaged due to a natural disaster, including but not limited to lightning, flooding, earthquake, or fire.

  4. Products modified in any way NOT described explicitly in the corresponding product's user manuals.

  5. Software products.

  6. Products with an altered and/or damaged serial number.

  7. Loss of data or software.

   8.  Products that have been updated, reworked, or improperly tested by the Customer, or by a third party at the request of the Customer.


Root cause analysis and failure analysis reports requested by the Customer beyond the regular repair reports being provided by Customer Service will be quoted separately (except warranty repairs). Components, that are replaced or defective (e.g. PCB) will only be retained (with costs) or returned upon direct and explicit customer demand. Otherwise those items will be disposed when replaced or after expired quotation deadline respectively.

MV Technology Solutions and HaslerRail General Terms and Conditions and General Delivery Conditions are applicable.

MV Technology Solutions and HaslerRail reserves the right to repair the product in due course, based on its inventory of spare units and parts.

Customers shall be responsible for backing up their product configuration settings and data contained in internal storage before sending their products for repair. MV Technology Solutions will not be responsible for loss of data or configuration settings stored in the product.

MV Technology Solutions is providing a 6 months warranty period for the repairs performed. The scope of the warranty is only applicable to the replaced parts. Warranty starts with the shipment back to the Customer.


3.         PACKING

We recommend that the goods are returned to MV Technology Solutions / HaslerRail in their original packing. Electronic products have to be returned in an ESD (electrostatic discharge)-standard compliant antistatic packing. If insufficient or unsuitable packing is used, MV Technology Solutions / HaslerRail declines any warranty claims.


In case of any further inquiries or questions, please contact: orders@mvtech.com.au

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