The new generation of integrated voltage detecting systems. Testing for your safety.

Updated: May 24

The new Wega series from Horstmann permanently carries out checks for your safety and reliably determines the voltage state in accordance with IEC 62271-213 in medium-voltage switchgear. The new tool-free assembly reduces installation times, allowing further cost benefits to be made.

The new tool-free assembly (and disassembly) reduces installation time and thus enables further cost advantages. The extended temperature range from -40 °C to +75 °C facilitates worldwide use.

A four-pole system plug and 4.8 mm plug are now available as standard for the WEGA input connections – this means that it can be used in all medium-voltage switchgear. The tried-and-tested four-pin system plug and connector is still used for the WEGA output. The connecting cable for coupling to the short-circuit direction indicators is also protected against polarity reversal and user-friendly.

One device for all applications

The new Wega 1 V contains up to 15 adjustable capacitor values, which can be set very easily and quickly phase-selectively by means of integrated rotary coding switches. This guarantees that the right device is always at hand – the wide-range Wega vario.

The Wega 2 V enhances the new Wega series, combining the vario function with relay outputs for remote signalling that has not been available up to now.

Overview of the features:

  • Complies with the new valid IEC 62271-213 and also the previous IEC 61243-5

  • Wide range Wega (e.g. 10 – 20 / 24 kV): Rotary coding switches for various voltage levels and quick and easy commissioning

  • Now with many more potential applications, thanks to the extended temperature range from -40 °C to +75 °C

  • Integrated repeat test: maintenance free

  • Overvoltage indication in the display: phase-selective

  • Retrofit ready:

  • Coupling Compass B series and Sigma D series

  • Front-mounted LRM interface:

  • completely IEC 662271-213 compliant

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